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Our Firm

ADADE AUDITORES is fully committed to its clients and to providing an accessible service. The firm believes that a direct and transparent service is essential for companies seeking to provide excellence in business.

Obviously, that excellence is founded on developing our services on the basis of the most rigorous respect for national and international legislation.

In ADADE AUDITORES, our relationships are based on dialogue rather than imposition.

ADADE AUDITORES is committed to its clients and to progressing every day towards continuous improvement of all work processes through the quality control system.

ADADE AUDITORES is a leading international company comprising more than 600 members and with more than 45 offices in Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay, Guatemala, Ecuador, Argentina, Miami, Colombia and Venezuela.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors consists of reputed Auditors, Chartered Accountants and Economists, with over 25 years of experience and educated at major Spanish and European universities. We are registered in the Official Register of Auditors (ROAC) and are members of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Spain (ICJCE), the Register of Accountants and Auditors (REA) and the General Register of Auditors (REGA) and the Higher Council of Commercial and Business Graduates in Spain.
ADADE AUDITORES Board of Directors members are:

  • President: Elías del Val Murga
  • Vice-president: Ramón Mª Calduch Farnos
  • Secretary José Luís García García





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